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Welcome to the homepage of freelance musician Felix 'elbajofeliz' Hildenbrand!

For over 20 years, Felix has been playing the bass (both electric and acoustic) in the most diverse situations: Jazz and improvisation, Fado, South-American folklore, Brazilian music, Singer/ Songwriter, ... in 2011, he initiated the succesfull concert series 
On the Roof that he is curating to this day. In the years of the pandemic (2020-21), he co-created several interesting pieces:

Musical theater Dans van de Eenzaamheid with Trio Açai and Carlos Lagoeiro

Dance piece LIMEN about a transition phase of society and interhuman relations
Conceptual program Monk meets The Beatles

Also, he shifted the focus to working as a composer of new original music. First result- his remarkable quartet Flechtwerk!


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